The world is a mystical place.

The viewfinder of my camera constructs the frame, through which I see my surroundings differently. I am finding a personal expression, without instantly naming it.

in-between spaces
in-between phases

I am collecting in-between states: The seconds, before something is tipping, before something is changing. Those calm seconds full of potential.

My process is playfull , no strict rules apply. I love to see the work developing. In the dark room negatives become positives. The technique is a game for me, I change the rules. Scratches are becoming the essence of a photograph.

I admire the magic.

Angelika Wienerroither

This was now

Reflections on time are the driving force behind the work of Angelika Wienerroither. The series “This was now” consists of 16 abstract photographs generated through an experimental and
improvisational approach. The pictures were made without a camera, exposed for days at a time. Every photograph has an individual story, told on an analog film strip.

Herman Seidl, FOTOHOF Salzburg

9 analog photographs, 45 x 30 cm, fine art print on matt paper
, dibond


Symonds Street

autumned skin
spring cheeks
winter worries

bridges over cemeteries
you give life to the lifeless.

cubs the poet

10 analog photographs, 17,8 x 24 cm, silver gelatine print on matt paper, white wooden frame



Meta Merz. Who is hiding behind the pseudonym? Merz is an author from Salzburg. Her work is mysterious and hard to grasp. She draws me in — only to push me away. She presents herself without showing too much.

Meta Merz died early. I imagine knowing her, corresponding with her. I am sending her photos; she replies with text fragments. We could approach each other but never be near.

12 works, gelatin silver print, pages from a book, text, linen, wooden framing, 24×30 cm.


Passage de l‘ Opéra

What would you do, my friend, on the border to reality?

Louis Aragon, Paris Peasant, Paris 1926

30 analog photographs, various sizes, matt fine art print. Words and sentences from Louis Aragons „Paris Peasant“ , which inspired the pictures, typed on a typewriter. A useless map of Paris, drawn out of memory.